Definitivamente No Quiero Crecer

Crecer es una palabra muy complicada, a veces todavía me sigo preguntando qué significa.

Se supone que a mis veintitantos debería comportarme diferente a cuando era chiquita, justamente por eso, porque ya crecí. Pero, ¿en qué momento lo hice? Y no me refiero a la estatura, ni siquiera voy a tocar ese tema porque ahí no hay nada más que hacer. Mas bien me refiero al significado de crecer que hace referencia a tener más años y, tal vez, a ser un adulto.

Siendo honesta, no estoy segura de querer crecer o de seguir haciéndolo porque en cierta forma parece que las cosas se empiezan a poner más serias o menos divertidas por lo menos. No, definitivamente no quiero crecer.

A veces creo que no quiero hacerlo porque le temo a las responsabilidades, a enfrentar la realidad con otros ojos, a conocer y entender las cosas que pasan en el mundo. Y digo entender haciendo referencia al hecho de que estoy consciente de lo que está pasando, pero hay muchas cosas que realmente no entiendo y que no me explico.

El tiempo pasa, crecemos y empezamos a ver la vida de una manera más cuadrada. Hacemos cosas que tenemos que hacer y no porque queremos hacerlas. Otra vez, responsabilidades. Pero esas responsabilidades no tienen que ser aburridas, no tienen que pesarnos, no tienen que dejar de regalarnos pequeños pedacitos de felicidad. Y es que cuando las cosas dejan de ser divertidas pierden parte de su encanto. Cuando eso pasa, empezamos a vivir la vida en automático dando prioridad a lo que tiene que pasar y no a lo que queremos que pase. Olvidamos por completo esos momentos de felicidad, olvidamos esas cosas que nos hacen sonreír, olvidamos esas cosas que nos hacen reír a carcajadas, que nos divierten, que nos relajan, que nos dan magia.

Es por eso que a veces me gustaría regresar a esos días en los que no me enteraba de los problemas de los grandes. Días en los que la tarea de mate era mi única responsabilidad.
Días en los que sucedía magia debajo de mi almohada cuando se me caía un diente. Días en los que volar con ET era algo real para mi y no solo un juego. Días en los que todavía creía en la magia.

Y en el último año he ido acordándome la magia,  esa que aparece cuando te enfrentas con algo que te llena de emoción, con algo que te hace sentir cosquillas en la barriga, con algo que te hace abrir los ojos y decir “wow”. Esa misma magia me encontró hace poco en una luciérnaga que me sorprendió cuando iba caminando por la calle. Esa misma magia me encontró hace poco cuando fui al bosque y decidí “hacerme taquito” y deslizarme en el pasto por una bajadita. Esa misma magia que, si ponemos atención, podemos encontrarla más cerca de lo que pensamos.

No, definitivamente no quiero crecer y he decidido que no tengo que hacerlo porque puedo vivir como adulto siempre y cuando siga manteniendo viva a la niña que llevo dentro.




Today I got asked one of the most annoying questions I ever get asked: Why don’t you wanna get married?

Maybe I have one reason that I’d like to share with you. Maybe I have a bunch of reasons that I don’t wanna tell. Either way, it’s a personal choice.

I think people ask this question because not wanting to get married is the exception to the rule or is not the normal thing to because when you’re with someone for a certain amount of time people expect you to put a ring on it, because “that’s the next step”. And I respect that. The thing that bugs me is the questioning of my decision and trying to get me out of it. When my sister and my friends got married it never ever crossed my mind to question their decision and their desire of wanting to get married. Never. It was their decision, and I was happy to celebrate it with them.

I can tell you this…

I believe true love exists with or without a wedding, and that’s what matters. Love is wearing a white dress. Love is not wearing one at all. Love is a diamond ring followed by a special proposal. Love is a commitment between two people without a ring. Love is saying “I do” in front of all your friends and family. Love is saying “I do” in private. Love is magic and it exists, it just does. We are all free to express it and celebrate it in the way that feels most special to us, and no one should ever question that.

Love is love. I know I feel it, I know our souls feel it. And if that’s enough to me, it should be enough to you.


Quick update everyone! Yesterday I posted a picture with all the books I have at home and guess how many of them have I read? NONE! There are so many books I wanna buy, but I’m not doing it until I’m done with the ones I already have. So I’ve decided to start reading them and I’ve chosen Yes Please by Amy Poehler because my followers on Instagram said I should read that one first and I listen to them!

Since the book came out a while ago, I’m sure most of you already read it. Anyway, I’m letting you know what I think when I’m done. In the meantime you can also tell me about the books you’ve read or other books that I should read.

I’ll keep you posted!! Thank for reading!



Be thankful

Sometimes I get caught up on all the things I’ve got to do in the day that I forget the ones that matter. And at some point I find myself thinking (or maybe overthinking) about everything that’s “wrong” in my life, instead of being glad I have a kickass life.

I think most people pay more attention to the bad things than to the good ones. And I don’t know why we do that! It’s not good!! For example, if throughout the day three people tell you a good compliment you are going to feel incredible, but if a fourth person tells you something like “are you sick? You look tired”, you are gonna feel like crap and you’re not gonna be able to get it out of your head even if the other people said you looked amazing. Or, if you have a lot of things, for some reason you are always gonna be thinking about the one thing you don’t have and you’re gonna feel bad because you don’t have it. I mean you could have good health, an amazing family, good friends, a house and many other great blessings, but if you don’t like your job, you’re gonna be focusing all your energy on thinking about the amazing job you don’t have. WHY DO WE DO THAT?!?!

We seriously need to stop doing that because I think that way of thinking is not gonna make us any good. I’m personally trying to change that. First I started by saying thanks before I went to sleep. I mentioned at least 5 things I was thankful for, wether it was a person, a thing, a situation, anything that made me feel good that day. But then I started doing that less and less because some days I forgot about it or I even fell asleep while doing it because I did it when I was already in bed. So, I decided to do something different, writing what I’m thankful for. Now, every morning I write about everything I’m thankful for, things that I have in my life and that make me a priviledge happy person. And at night I write about things that happened in the day that I’m thankful for. These things are not necessarily “good”. I’ve learned that I can be thankful for those things that I don’t enjoy so much and that’s way better than bitching about them. Besides, I like looking at the silver lining.

Here are a some of the most important things I’m thankful for:

My mom, my sister, my crazy funny family, my friends,  my boyfriend, love, health and Polaroid pictures 🙂

Give it a try, be thankful for at least one thing every day and I promise your day will be better.  Today what are you thankful for??