Te Mereces

Te mereces a alguien que te cuide.

Te mereces a alguien que te mire con locura.

Te mereces a alguien que te robe un suspiro cuando menos te lo esperas.

Te mereces a alguien que te piense tanto como tú lo piensas.

Te mereces a alguien que se arriesgue contigo.

Te mereces a alguien que camine contigo, que camine a tu lado.

Te mereces a alguien que te sorprenda.

Te mereces a alguien que te regale momentos.

Te mereces a alguien que te lleve a volar a alto.

Te mereces a alguien que te mire cuando no te das cuenta.

Te mereces a alguien que te eche porras todos los días.

Te mereces a alguien que viva tu locura.

Te mereces a alguien que te de mariposas en la panza.

Te mereces a alguien que baile contigo en medio de la sala.

Te mereces a alguien que no se asuste de tus fantasmas.

Te mereces a alguien que te ayude a superar tus miedos.

Te mereces a alguien que con un abrazo te haga sentir magia.

Te mereces a alguien que con un beso te diga todo y más.

Te mereces a alguien que te lleve a la locura.

Te mereces a alguien que te haga sonreír.

Te mereces a alguien que te quiera, con todo, sin miedo porque sabe que contigo vale la pena.


Today I got asked one of the most annoying questions I ever get asked: Why don’t you wanna get married?

Maybe I have one reason that I’d like to share with you. Maybe I have a bunch of reasons that I don’t wanna tell. Either way, it’s a personal choice.

I think people ask this question because not wanting to get married is the exception to the rule or is not the normal thing to because when you’re with someone for a certain amount of time people expect you to put a ring on it, because “that’s the next step”. And I respect that. The thing that bugs me is the questioning of my decision and trying to get me out of it. When my sister and my friends got married it never ever crossed my mind to question their decision and their desire of wanting to get married. Never. It was their decision, and I was happy to celebrate it with them.

I can tell you this…

I believe true love exists with or without a wedding, and that’s what matters. Love is wearing a white dress. Love is not wearing one at all. Love is a diamond ring followed by a special proposal. Love is a commitment between two people without a ring. Love is saying “I do” in front of all your friends and family. Love is saying “I do” in private. Love is magic and it exists, it just does. We are all free to express it and celebrate it in the way that feels most special to us, and no one should ever question that.

Love is love. I know I feel it, I know our souls feel it. And if that’s enough to me, it should be enough to you.



Yesterday, while I was at the coffee shop reading, I saw a girl and a boy who looked like a couple. I assumed that because of the way they hugged, the way they looked at each other, and the way they laughed together. It was cute, they really seemed to be in love.

I sound like a crazy stalker, I know, but I couldn’t help to think about what I felt in the past when I saw couples like them. I used to think “Oh, I wish I had that”, but yesterday was different because this time I smiled and said “I get them, I’m in love too”.



To All My Friends: Because With You, Life is Better


I’ve been thinking about the story of my life lately, thinking about how so many things have changed in so little time and at the same time so much has stayed the same even when there’s a lot of change going on. (Does that make any sense? Sometimes things make complete sense when I say them in my head or even when I tell them to myself out loud in the car, but when I actually write them they don’t sound as good as I thought, that’s what happened with that first sentence). Anyway…

My friends are one of those things that have stayed the same when so many other things changed. There’s engagements, weddings, babies, distance, success and even failure sometimes, but they’re still here and I’m still here thanks to them in some ways. I don’t know why we stop telling our friends what we think or how we feel about them. When I was little I remember it was easier to write letters to friends saying things like “you’re my best friend”, “I had so much fun at your party” or “thank you for being my friend”, but as a grown up I rarely do it. Life gets harder, more complicated, and even when they’re by my side through it all, I rarely express to them how I really feel.

The other day I told one of my best friends something I’ve always known, but I had never said before. I told her that she probably didn’t know it, but she was the one who introduced me to music, to new music for me at least. Of course I knew music before she came into my life, but I didn’t know about all the beautiful sounds I was missing out  on until she showed them to me. And today, Don’t Stop Me Now is one of my favorite songs because more than 10 years ago she introduced me to Queen. And that’s just an example of something a friend of mine has given to me. So today I wanted to take some time to say I love you and a big THANK YOU to all my friends.

Thank you for getting in touch with me on any day, out of the blue just to talk about what’s going on in our lives.
Thank you for tagging me on that facebook note that you think is interesting.
Thank you going to concerts with me and enjoying music together.
That you for being there no matter if there’s shit or sunshine around me.
Thank you for being starightforward with me when I’ve needed a reality check.
Thank you for the fun times and for the not so fun ones.
Thank you for your unconditional love and support.
Thank you for all the gossip, because let’s face it, we girls like to gossip.
Thank you for the advice, for the words of wisdom.
Thank you for letting me be part of your life, and thanks for wanting to be part of mine.

We may not call each other everyday, and we may see ourselves every two, three or more months, still you are one of the most important and amazing part of my life.

Love you all, you know who you are.

Picture belongs to Sania Claus Demina



Hello people that read my blog and thank you for reading! Today I wanna write about something that has been in my mind for the past couple of days… dreams.

We all have dreams, don’t we? But, what is a dream? What does that word even mean? After thinking about it for a while, I realised that most of us define dreams as those things that we want to have/be/experience but we’re never going to. For example when I was little my dream was meeting the Backstreet Boys… Yes yes yes, I was a fan and I was in love with Kevin but that’s another story so let’s stick to today’s topic. That dream was a dream because it was hardly ever coming true. Also, while I was growing up my dream was to have a happy family. Not that my family is not a happy one, but for a while I saw it as a sad family because my parents are divorced so I dreamed about them getting back together, about the happy family portrait and everything most of my friends had. And again, that was a dream because it was never coming true.

I think since we’re little we’re programmed to think that way about dreams, like impossible things. We have this idea of having a higher power come down to us and making our dreams come true or maybe we think that we need a genie to come out of a magic lamp and grant us 3 dreams just like it did with Aladdin. But hey we need no genie, well maybe we do, but that genie is actually us. We can make our own dreams come true when we believe in them so hard that we want to make them happen.

Of course there are some dreams that are harder to achieve than others, like meeting a celebrity, but we can still make it happen because so many people do it. And yes some dreams will be just that, like my parents getting back together (which I don’t dream about anymore mom, just to be clear), but most of them can come true. What I mean is that if you go to Instagram you will probably find a million selfies of fans with celebrities. And if they can do it, why can’t we? We just have to take action and realise that only we have the power to make our dreams come true. Take your dream to the next level, work everyday, do whatever you have to do until one day you are able to say to yourself and others “Hey, this is it, I’m living the dream!”.

I know we all have dreams and we may think they’re too little or too big, so we are afraid of sharing them with the world because we always fear what other people might think. I believe the single act of saying your dream out loud or writing it down can be a good start in the path of making it come true. That’s why I created MY DREAM IS, an Instagram account where I’ll share my dreams and the ones that people send me. I’m surprised that I launched the account like two hours ago and I’ve received messages from 5 people who don’t even know me and they wanted me to share their dreams. Funny thing is that they wanted me to share them anonymously, but I guess they still wanted the world to know it.

Share your dreams with me! Write it down, take a picture of it and send it to mydreamismdi@gmail.com or to thecuriouspost@gmail.com

Also you can follow the Instagram account shareyourdream or My Dream Is just be careful because there are accounts with similar names, look for the logo that’s on the top of this post so you get the right account which is this one:


Thanks everyone for always following my crazy ideas, I love you so much! Oh… I almost forgot, in case you wanna know which dream is mine, here it is:

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Face your fears, let them hear you sing…

I have heard the phrase “do one thing a day that scares you” many many times, but I never do it. I live life pretty much on the safe side. I think the last time I took a risk was 4 months ago when I moved away from home. Or maybe I do it every day by staying at my job because it’s the hardest job I’ve ever done, it challenges me everyday, and it scares me.

Let’s be honest, getting up in the morning and getting over the fear of going to work it’s not the hardest thing to do because at least I get payed to do it. The hardest thing is doing those things that I know I should do, but I don’t do them because I fear embarrassment, or I fear what people will think about them or just because they make me feel awkward and exposed. So yesterday I decided to do something that I never do because well, it scares the hell out me and that is singing.

If you are someone that has known me for a while, you’ve witnessed how nervous I get when someone asks me to sing or how I don’t do it most of the times. I get way too nervous, my legs start to feel unsteady, my whole body shakes (everyone can see it in case I have to hold a microphone) and my cheek shakes too which at the same time makes me feel more embarrassed and I’m like “oh dear cheek please please please stop shaking, everyone is noticing and you’re making everything harder!!” So no, I don’t particularly enjoy the whole experience. I’m like the girl from Coyote Ugly who has stage fright, but at the same time I enjoy doing it when I’m driving or in the shower and no, I don’t just sing in the shower, I perform and I kick every song’s ass in the best way possible. Why? Because no one is watching me and no one can judge me. (If you don’t know what in the world Coyote Ugly is, you might be a lot younger or older than me, so click here).

Yesterday I discovered this little thing on my iphone called Garage Band, I looked for a piano cover of the songs I wanted  because I don’t play any instruments and then started recording. You should know I recorded four different songs a million times each one of them and when I pressed play I hated them! (Thanks Adele for setting the bar so high). I don’t know if every performer feels the same way and they don’t like the way they sound or is it just me? I don’t know… To my surprise, today I came to Starbucks, I put on my Frends headphones that block every outside noise and started listening to my song. I cried (when I told you I cried a lot lately I wasn’t lying), I smiled, I felt proud of myself and I thanked whatever force that rules this universe for giving me this gift.

So here it is, for my mom. No matter how far I am, I’ll always be there for you.

Music by a very talented musician I found in Youtube called Jamie Lim




Be thankful

Sometimes I get caught up on all the things I’ve got to do in the day that I forget the ones that matter. And at some point I find myself thinking (or maybe overthinking) about everything that’s “wrong” in my life, instead of being glad I have a kickass life.

I think most people pay more attention to the bad things than to the good ones. And I don’t know why we do that! It’s not good!! For example, if throughout the day three people tell you a good compliment you are going to feel incredible, but if a fourth person tells you something like “are you sick? You look tired”, you are gonna feel like crap and you’re not gonna be able to get it out of your head even if the other people said you looked amazing. Or, if you have a lot of things, for some reason you are always gonna be thinking about the one thing you don’t have and you’re gonna feel bad because you don’t have it. I mean you could have good health, an amazing family, good friends, a house and many other great blessings, but if you don’t like your job, you’re gonna be focusing all your energy on thinking about the amazing job you don’t have. WHY DO WE DO THAT?!?!

We seriously need to stop doing that because I think that way of thinking is not gonna make us any good. I’m personally trying to change that. First I started by saying thanks before I went to sleep. I mentioned at least 5 things I was thankful for, wether it was a person, a thing, a situation, anything that made me feel good that day. But then I started doing that less and less because some days I forgot about it or I even fell asleep while doing it because I did it when I was already in bed. So, I decided to do something different, writing what I’m thankful for. Now, every morning I write about everything I’m thankful for, things that I have in my life and that make me a priviledge happy person. And at night I write about things that happened in the day that I’m thankful for. These things are not necessarily “good”. I’ve learned that I can be thankful for those things that I don’t enjoy so much and that’s way better than bitching about them. Besides, I like looking at the silver lining.

Here are a some of the most important things I’m thankful for:

My mom, my sister, my crazy funny family, my friends,  my boyfriend, love, health and Polaroid pictures 🙂

Give it a try, be thankful for at least one thing every day and I promise your day will be better.  Today what are you thankful for??