Today I got asked one of the most annoying questions I ever get asked: Why don’t you wanna get married?

Maybe I have one reason that I’d like to share with you. Maybe I have a bunch of reasons that I don’t wanna tell. Either way, it’s a personal choice.

I think people ask this question because not wanting to get married is the exception to the rule or is not the normal thing to because when you’re with someone for a certain amount of time people expect you to put a ring on it, because “that’s the next step”. And I respect that. The thing that bugs me is the questioning of my decision and trying to get me out of it. When my sister and my friends got married it never ever crossed my mind to question their decision and their desire of wanting to get married. Never. It was their decision, and I was happy to celebrate it with them.

I can tell you this…

I believe true love exists with or without a wedding, and that’s what matters. Love is wearing a white dress. Love is not wearing one at all. Love is a diamond ring followed by a special proposal. Love is a commitment between two people without a ring. Love is saying “I do” in front of all your friends and family. Love is saying “I do” in private. Love is magic and it exists, it just does. We are all free to express it and celebrate it in the way that feels most special to us, and no one should ever question that.

Love is love. I know I feel it, I know our souls feel it. And if that’s enough to me, it should be enough to you.

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