I’ve told you before about the podcasts that I listen to, one of them is Life Lately. On episode 5 of the show, the two hosts started talking about the word they chose to honor during 2016 instead of making a bunch of new year’s resolutions.

We all make new year’s resolutions, or  at least we try to stick to some of them but honestly, do you remember all of them now? I mean we are already on the fifth month of the year (shocking, right??) and I believe that by now most us have forgotten about those resolutions or simply decided to ignore them. It’s hard to stick to them because in our minds there are so many things we want to achieve in one single year and that’s a lot to handle. That’s why I find interesting the fact of choosing one word and honoring that word throughout the whole year. After thinking about it for a couple of days, my word came to me: DO.

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This is the word that I wanna follow this year and forever because nothing happens if you don’t make it happen, if you don’t get off your ass and do something. Everything I do is going to make an impact in my life, each little or big action is a step towards what I want to achieve. The important thing for me is stop talking about it and start doing it. And I think we all can learn a bit about this word. Because we live in a time where mindfulness, spirituality and the whole law of attraction have become subjects everyone has an opinion about. Truth is, no matter how spiritual or mindful you are or how much time you spend creating and staring at your vision board, nothing is going to happen if you don’t do something.

In order to create change we have to act, we have to do. Because action creates momentum and that momentum is what I believe releases the energy that gets thing started. So, this year I’m gonna focus less on whining and bitching about my life and instead I’m going to focus on doing the things I have to do to get myself where I want to be.

Could you pick a word for this year? Which one?


4 thoughts on “DO

  1. I think mine would be the word positivity. When I was little I loved Pollyanna’s books. Growing up it s not that easy to always stay positive. But it always feels better when you do I guess 🙂 Great post x

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  2. Mine would be positivity. When I was little I used to love the Pollyanna books but growing up it s more difficult to always stay positive. But it feels better when you do I guess 🙂 Great post X


    1. Hi Eleni! I love your word, it’s important to keep a positive attitude when you’re growing up, and keep that attitude always in your life. I’m not familiar with Pollyanna books, I’ll sure check them out! Thanks for reading, keep shining always! ✨


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