Summer is almost here which means a lot of good movies will be in theatres soon. This is the list of the ones I think you can’t miss. Wether you re a fashionista, a hopeless romantic or someone who loves thrillers, there’s a movie for you on this list.

Me Before You

Based on the best selling book by Jojo Moyes, it’s a love story that I’m sure will make a lot of you cry. I didn’t rea the book, but one of my friends confirmed that she cried a lot while reading it.


Mothers and Daughters

Perfect movie for Mother’s Day, right? Anyway, I think if you are a mom or a daughter o both, you are really gonna enjoy this movie about the relationship between both. It looks like a sweet family story.


Trust Fund

This one’s a little different from the first two, it’s not a love story but still has some romance. It’s about Reese, a writer from Chicago who is living the life everyone expects her to. Until she find out her dad is keeping a secret about what her mother really wanted for her.



After losing his wife, David goes through a hard time and he is unable to move on until he starts a demolition of the life he once knew.


Jack of the Red Hearts

In order to keep her sister with her instead of leaving her in a foster home, Jack gets a job as a caretaker of a girl with autism who ends up changing her life.


The Driftless Area

Based on the novel by Tom Drury. When he goes back to his hometown, Pierre falls in love with a mysterious woman. Soon enough he also gets involved with a criminal in order to revenge someone’s death.


The First Monday in May

The Met Gala is the biggest fashion event hosted by Vogue’s editor in chief Anna Wintour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The movie shows the story behind last year’s event”China: Through The Looking Glass”.


Finding Dory

If you enjoyed Finding Nemo, something tells me you’re gonna want to watch this one.


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