I decided to write this blog post because most readers don’t know anything about me. Yes I have an About section on the blog, but I honestly didn’t really know what to write there when I did it. So I’m sharing with you some things so you get to know me a little better.

1.- I’m 27 years old. I’ll be 28 soon.

2.- I love music because it has the power to put into words everything I’m feeling and thinking.

3.- I really enjoy HBO’s series. I’ve watched True Blood, Mad Men, Masters of Sex and Game of Thrones. True Blood and Mad Men were the first ones I watched and they were amazing during the first three seasons, but then they kinda lost it for me. But I’m really, like REALLY excited about the new season of Game of Thrones.

4.- Speaking of tv shows, I have two favourites. First One Tree Hill. It’s one of the first ones I watched since the beginning and I didn’t miss an episode. It’s a girly show but what I enjoyed the most was the music and the quotes at the beginning or end of every episode. My second favourite is Friends, I laugh every time I see it even if I’ve seen it a million times.

5.- When it comes to movies, my all time favourite is Gladiator. I remember watching it with a bunch of friends of school when we were teenagers and no one was paying attention but me and I was like “please everyone be quiet I wanna see this movie!!”. And I cried at the end, though I won’t say why in case there’s someone out there that hasn’t already seen it.

6.- I love Starbucks. I know nothing about coffee, all I know is I like the taste and I go there to write my posts because I can concentrate more than I can at home.

7.- I’m no party girl, actually I’m an introvert and enjoy  having dinner with friends more than going clubbing.

8.- I believe that the older I get, the fewer real friends I have. I’ve lost some along the way and I used to feel bad about it until I made peace with the fact that we are all changing and we don’t necessarily enjoy each other’s company the way we used to. I know who my true friends are and I love them. I don’t like to call them best friends cause they are all amazing, they are my everything friends because whatever happens to me, I know I can always rely on them.

9.- I don’t work out and I enjoy that fact. I’ll do it when I wanna do it.

10.- I like fashion! I don’t consider myself a fashionista or anything but I enjoy the subject. I like reading about Fashion Week and watching the runway shows. Also I follow a bunch of fashion bloggers on Instagram and thanks to them I know about the latest trends.


12.- I think I’ll never be able to cook because I’m disgusted by raw meet, ugh!

13.- I started wearing makeup a couple of years ago because I found this amazing girl on youtube that did makeup tutorials. I’d like to take a course some day.

14.- I like to read, but I’ve kinda lost the habit. I’m slowly doing it again.

15.- I don’t have a favourite color. When I was little I loved red and yellow, then I was really into green and at the moment I love black and white. So I guess it depends on my mood maybe, I don’t know..

16.- I love emojis!! My favs are the unicorn, the shiny stars, the robot, the heart with the shinny stars, the BAM! one, and the crystal ball. I’m not great at describing them so here’s a picture.


17.- I’ve been using coconut oil as a make up remover and it’s the best thing ever!

18.- I really like quotes. I always have and I always will. When I was in high school I used to put a quote on the cover of all my notebooks.

19.- I’m a cat person and a dog person. I just like both of them so much. In fact, I like animals a lot. I’d have a raccoon as a pet if I could.

20.- My favourite designer is Elie Saab. I’d love to have one of his dresses one day!

21.- I love cotton candy, balloons and bubbles!!

22.- There are two places I really wanna go to, one is Bondi Beach in Australia and the other one is Norway.

23.- Speaking of Norway, my biggest dream is to see the Northern Lights!! They’re one of those things that look amazing in pictures but I think that watching them live must be the most amazing and surreal experience.

24.- I have a Tumblr account where I like to share pictures of everything I like. From quotes, to fashion, interior design, photography… Check it out

There you go! Now you know 24 more things about me and I hope you enjoy them!


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