A couple of months ago I saw this movie and I really enjoyed it. There are a lot of movies out there that don’t become famous box office hits even when they are really good, The Road Within is one of them.

I’m no movie expert so it’s a little hard for me to write about this movie without spoiling anything, in case you ever see it, but I’ll do my best. The movie is about three kids that have different mental illnesses, how they deal with them and with their families, and how those illnesses bring them together.

The main character is this guy named Vincent who has Tourette’s syndrome, his mom dies and his dad, who is a politician, puts him on an institution mainly because he is ashamed of having a sick son. That’s where Vincent meets Marie, who has an eating disorder, and Alec, who has OCD. The three characters are so different and so similar at the same time and it’s funny to see how they interact with each other to finally become friends. It’s a beautiful movie that reminds you that we all have issues. Not all issues are considered an illness, but we all have them. We all feel sick or weird or insecure at some point in our lives. But we get through it, we find friends along the way that help us deal with all those issues and we end up helping each other. That’s what this movie is about. It may have a deeper meaning, but that’s what I got from it and it really moved me.

I’m making it look like a depressing movie but it’s actually really funny. I promise you’re gonna feel good while you watch it and you’re gonna laugh a lot. You can watch the trailer here and decide if you wanna see it.

If you watch it please let me know what you think. And I’d love to know about more independent movies if you can recommend me one.




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