Hello people that read my blog and thank you for reading! Today I wanna write about something that has been in my mind for the past couple of days… dreams.

We all have dreams, don’t we? But, what is a dream? What does that word even mean? After thinking about it for a while, I realised that most of us define dreams as those things that we want to have/be/experience but we’re never going to. For example when I was little my dream was meeting the Backstreet Boys… Yes yes yes, I was a fan and I was in love with Kevin but that’s another story so let’s stick to today’s topic. That dream was a dream because it was hardly ever coming true. Also, while I was growing up my dream was to have a happy family. Not that my family is not a happy one, but for a while I saw it as a sad family because my parents are divorced so I dreamed about them getting back together, about the happy family portrait and everything most of my friends had. And again, that was a dream because it was never coming true.

I think since we’re little we’re programmed to think that way about dreams, like impossible things. We have this idea of having a higher power come down to us and making our dreams come true or maybe we think that we need a genie to come out of a magic lamp and grant us 3 dreams just like it did with Aladdin. But hey we need no genie, well maybe we do, but that genie is actually us. We can make our own dreams come true when we believe in them so hard that we want to make them happen.

Of course there are some dreams that are harder to achieve than others, like meeting a celebrity, but we can still make it happen because so many people do it. And yes some dreams will be just that, like my parents getting back together (which I don’t dream about anymore mom, just to be clear), but most of them can come true. What I mean is that if you go to Instagram you will probably find a million selfies of fans with celebrities. And if they can do it, why can’t we? We just have to take action and realise that only we have the power to make our dreams come true. Take your dream to the next level, work everyday, do whatever you have to do until one day you are able to say to yourself and others “Hey, this is it, I’m living the dream!”.

I know we all have dreams and we may think they’re too little or too big, so we are afraid of sharing them with the world because we always fear what other people might think. I believe the single act of saying your dream out loud or writing it down can be a good start in the path of making it come true. That’s why I created MY DREAM IS, an Instagram account where I’ll share my dreams and the ones that people send me. I’m surprised that I launched the account like two hours ago and I’ve received messages from 5 people who don’t even know me and they wanted me to share their dreams. Funny thing is that they wanted me to share them anonymously, but I guess they still wanted the world to know it.

Share your dreams with me! Write it down, take a picture of it and send it to or to

Also you can follow the Instagram account shareyourdream or My Dream Is just be careful because there are accounts with similar names, look for the logo that’s on the top of this post so you get the right account which is this one:


Thanks everyone for always following my crazy ideas, I love you so much! Oh… I almost forgot, in case you wanna know which dream is mine, here it is:

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One thought on “MY DREAM IS

  1. My dream is to Have economic freedom !!
    My dream is to have grandchildren!!!
    My dream is to live in another country or city!!
    My dream is to be able to travel!!!

    Please post them anonymously!!’ Thank you so much for everything!!!’n


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