We all have people we look up to for many different reasons. I admire a lot of women in the world, some are family, some are friends and some are just kick ass ladies that I look up to. One of those ladies is Tina Roth Eisenberg, better known as Swiss Miss because that’s the name of her blog.

She defines herself as a believer of labours of love and she actually has a bunch of them. I’m sure that you may know at least one of them but you didn’t know she was behind it. I actually knew two of her labours, but had no clue she was the one who created them. I’m talking about Creative Mornings and Tattly. Yes, these are two very different projects (click on the blue-greenish, Tiffany coloured words to go to the websites) but they come from the same creative mind. Today I’m not gonna write about those or any of her projects because she talks about them on the video I’m sharing below and who better than Tina herself to explain each one of her amazing projects?

In a conference she gave at an event for NY Creative Interns, Tina shared the 8 rules she lives by. The way she explained each one of those rules really got me. That’s not the video I’m sharing, but you can see it if you click on the blue link. (I don’t know if you’re all aware of it, but every time you see an underlined blue word, there’s a link that takes you to a website. Now that I’ve told you that, we can continue…). So, her 8 rules are really interesting and, as a person that likes to watch conferences by many different inspiring people, I can tell you I’ve never seen a list like hers. Here are her 8 rules:

1.- FIND WHAT YOU LOVE –  Don’t stop until you find it. You’ll know when you do.

2.- DON’T BE A COMPLAINER – Make things better.

3.- TRUST YOUR INTUITION – Your gut is always right.

4.- IF AN OPPORTUNITY SCARES YOU, TAKE IT – Being scared means you’ll learn and grow.

5.- FIND AND CONNECT WITH LIKEMINDED PEOPLE – Make sure they are a respectful and good bunch.

6.- COLLABORATE – Only good will come of it.

7.- IGNORE THE HATERS – They deserve none of your time.

8.- INSPIRE OTHERS – Be someone’s crazy aunt.

Aren’t this great rules?? I love them and I honestly could start applying some of them, I most definitely will, specially #2 and #5.

Now that you’ve  seen these, I invite you to watch the latest conference she gave at 99U (or at least it’s the last one I found). My favourite quote from this talk is “While I really love my work, my work is not me”. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think!

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