I recently went to San Miguel de Allende with my family. San Miguel is a little town close to the state of Queretaro. If you’ve never been there, you should and you’ll love it! It’s a small town full of colors (mainly yellow and red for some reason), hotel boutiques where you can have a nice stay, places to eat delicious food and lots of stores where you can find all kinds of Mexican crafts and more.

Curious Fact: Door knobs are shaped with s many different things, from hands to cows.

Where to eat: MOXI (inside Matilda Hotel).

Where to stay: L’Otel

You can’t miss: The BEST bakery I’ve ever been too, Cumpanio

Here are some pictures of our visit…

IMG_1262IMG_1144IMG_1153IMG_1154IMG_1178IMG_1267IMG_3691IMG_3697IMG_3699IMG_3701IMG_3703IMG_3711IMG_3769IMG_3794IMG_3798IMG_3896image1 (1)


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