I’m not the kind of person that cries a lot, but the other day I found myself crying while I was thinking about him. Just like that, out of nowhere, out of the blue. It was strange but I guess that’s what it really feels like to miss someone who is no longer fiscally there. I didn’t realize it at the moment because when it happens all you feel is sadness and you cry but I really didn’t get it completely. 

There are three men that will always live in my heart; he is one of them. I probably never told him that I love him, but I do. I always will and I will be forever thankful with him and also with her. 

And I do think about him every now and then. For example, I thought about him a lot this past week when I was at the beach for one very important reason: SPEEDO. Yes, I don’t know what he was thinking but he wore Speedos at the beach and I still think it was weird. So him, but so weird. Every time I saw a guy wearing one in Cancun, I thought about him. 

Music also makes me think about him. Certain songs give me the chills, certain latin artists, certain lyrics. Mostly happy music that you can dance to, which is a good thing. Chocolate, bubble gum, VO5, and so many other things. 

He is probably the most successful person I’ve ever been close to when it comes to working in a consumer products company. Every now and then I think about all the things I could ask him. How did he get there? What advice could he give me? How did he balance life in and out of the office? How in the world did he manage to have people like him in the office? Did he ever get sick of it? So many questions come to my mind. And I could ask her all those questions because she’s the one who knew him better than anyone else but it wouldn’t be the same. 

So wherever he is, he should know I love him. I miss him. I hope he can guide me from wherever he is and I promise I will make him proud. 

“Pintarse la cara color esperanza…”

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