Be thankful

Sometimes I get caught up on all the things I’ve got to do in the day that I forget the ones that matter. And at some point I find myself thinking (or maybe overthinking) about everything that’s “wrong” in my life, instead of being glad I have a kickass life.

I think most people pay more attention to the bad things than to the good ones. And I don’t know why we do that! It’s not good!! For example, if throughout the day three people tell you a good compliment you are going to feel incredible, but if a fourth person tells you something like “are you sick? You look tired”, you are gonna feel like crap and you’re not gonna be able to get it out of your head even if the other people said you looked amazing. Or, if you have a lot of things, for some reason you are always gonna be thinking about the one thing you don’t have and you’re gonna feel bad because you don’t have it. I mean you could have good health, an amazing family, good friends, a house and many other great blessings, but if you don’t like your job, you’re gonna be focusing all your energy on thinking about the amazing job you don’t have. WHY DO WE DO THAT?!?!

We seriously need to stop doing that because I think that way of thinking is not gonna make us any good. I’m personally trying to change that. First I started by saying thanks before I went to sleep. I mentioned at least 5 things I was thankful for, wether it was a person, a thing, a situation, anything that made me feel good that day. But then I started doing that less and less because some days I forgot about it or I even fell asleep while doing it because I did it when I was already in bed. So, I decided to do something different, writing what I’m thankful for. Now, every morning I write about everything I’m thankful for, things that I have in my life and that make me a priviledge happy person. And at night I write about things that happened in the day that I’m thankful for. These things are not necessarily “good”. I’ve learned that I can be thankful for those things that I don’t enjoy so much and that’s way better than bitching about them. Besides, I like looking at the silver lining.

Here are a some of the most important things I’m thankful for:

My mom, my sister, my crazy funny family, my friends,  my boyfriend, love, health and Polaroid pictures 🙂

Give it a try, be thankful for at least one thing every day and I promise your day will be better.  Today what are you thankful for??

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